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Small Ship Alaska Cruises aboard the Charter Yacht -
“The M/V Misty Fjord”

Scheduled small ship Alaska cruises and custom charters through
the Inside Passage of Southeast Alaska.

Explore the pristine waterways of Alaska's Inside Passage on a small ship cruise with Alaska Coastal Quest. On a cruise with us you will experience an Alaska not seen by those aboard larger vessels. Our purpose built, small cruise ship, the “Misty Fjord” will get you up-close to the beauty of Alaska’s wilderness and its amazing wildlife.

A cruise on the Misty Fjord is an unforgettable experience. Days are spent exploring these unique waterways of Alaska, with their secluded coves and inlets, deep fjords, snow capped mountains and majestic tidewater glaciers. Wild life is seen in abundance, with regular sightings of marine life close to the boat - whales, sea lions, otters, dolphins and more - and bears and a diverse offering of birdlife on the shore. Our cruises run on relaxed schedules that allow plenty of time for kayaking and shore excursions, and to just simply take a moment to appreciate the breathtaking scenery that Alaska has to offer. Along the way, you will also be introduced to Alaska’s history and its fascinating Native culture.

2013 Prices and Calendar
2013 Prices and Calendar
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Alaska's Inside Passage

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Alaskan Totem Poles
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The rich history of Alaska

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This waterway is renown for its pristine wilderness and breathtaking scenery of glaciers, towering snow capped mountains, endless bays, inlets and secluded coves, all encompassed by lush old growth forest abundant in fish and wildlife.


What our Guests have to say about us:

We had such an amazing week-long trip with our family through Misty Fjords National Park and the Inside Passage. We wanted to do something special with our son and daughter to celebrate their high school graduations and this trip was everything we had hoped for and more! We had such a phenomenal trip that we may never be able to go back to Alaska because we don't think it can ever be duplicated. Everything was perfect: the comfortable boat, delicious food (Yolanda, you outdid yourself!!!), scenery, wildlife, weather and the camaraderie with Dale, RK, Yolanda, Aaron and Cherry! Words cannot describe the wonderful memories and friendships we made. THANK YOU! We would highly recommend your trip to anyone that wants an extra special Alaska experience!

The Heitz family Wisconsin, USA
Hi Dale, First, I would like to thank you for a wonderful, absolutely fabulous cruise. I enjoyed every moment and it was nice visiting with you again and visiting all those wonderful places so close to your home. Again, thanks for a wonderful trip land I look forward to doing it again.

Greetings, We are back home, settling in. We had a great trip with you and your crew. Two of the best comments I got were, “It felt like traveling with family.” and “I felt like I saw the real Alaska.” Everyone enjoyed going to Cape Fox Island, especially with Joe along; and Metlakatla, that was a treat: a very authentic experience. We packed a lot in, in a short time! They all would have liked more time on the boat.” We are looking forward to the next adventure.”
Barbara G., Santa Fe Crafts Altadena, CA
I am writing this to once again thank you for a wonderful trip. Our experience greatly exceeded my expectations (and with the destination being Alaska they were pretty high to begin with). You and your staff were a joy to interact with. You have every right to be proud of the beautiful work you did with your boat. The common areas were comfortable and all of us enjoyed our time on the bridge hearing first hand about your experiences as fisherman and biologist. I'm sure it was a challenging task keeping a group of demanding photographers like us satisfied. I guess the best thing that I can say is that there have been several discussions about potential future trips and I know that all of us will be recommending you, your boat, and your crew to our friends and associates.
Bruce Norman, August 2011
Definitely an amazing and unforgettable trip! Thanks so much!

Thanks for the great time, my family and I had a wonderful Alaskan Adventure aboard the Misty Fjord. Everything was fantastic and lived up to our best expectations
Molly & Tom L, Danville, CA

Dale and the crew of the Misty Fjord, we would like the thank you for an amazing trip and wonderful hospitality. Wish you all, many more adventures like the one we experienced
Justin Q, Reno, NV
Thank you for a spectacular trip! We couldn't have asked for more beautiful scenery, amazing wildlife (bears, whales, whales and more whales!, sea lions), hiking, fishing... And the knowledge that you shared with all of us. Your staff is truly amazing & has so much to share & teach us. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
Jennifer & Joe, 2012 Guests
Thanks again for the superb support during our research program. You make it look easy and I know that it is not.

We certainly all appreciate your "can do" positive attitude. It has been an absolute pleasure working with you. Hope to be in contact again soon.

Brian, Chief Oceanographer

The Wealth of the Rainforest

The ecological richness of S.E. Alaska has its beginnings in the warm Japanese ocean current which sweeps across the Pacific to the Gulf of Alaska. Moist water laden air is driven up the coastal mountains, where it cools and falls as rain or snow. Rushing streams deliver a wealth of nutrients to estuaries and coastal areas feeding an incredible web of life. Starting as plankton, this organic bounty works its way up through the food chain into fish such as herring, then cod, halibut, salmon, steel head and on to mammals such as Dall porpoises, Humpback whales, Orca, harbor seals, Stellar sea lions, and sea otter. Anadromous salmon and trout returning to parent streams by the hundreds of millions, feeding land animals such as bears, river otters, and timber wolves. Meganser ducks, bald eagles and Pelagic sea birds also partake in this bounty. Fish remains fertilize the forest floor bringing nutrients back to the land completing the cycle. It is into this wondrous world that we bring you!



Alaskan Totem Poles


Alaska Coastal Quest's trips are a unique blend of the best of that Southeast Alaska has to offer. We expose you to pure wilderness, scenic grandeur, amazing wildlife and true Alaskan culture. Not only will you see the wilderness that you expect, but you will experience life in "off the beaten path" communities inhabited by folks pursuing a pioneering lifestyle based on fishing and logging. Also the area is rich in Native culture, particularly in evidence in remote villages where a subsistence lifestyle is still common. We can visit these places.

A pair of Orca Killer Whales (Orcinus orca) on patrol glide through the waters of Frederick Sound, Southeast Alaska. © Rick Harner

The History of Alaska and Native Culture

Throughout the Inside Passage, evidence of early human activity can be found in the form of remains of old Indian villages, stone fish traps, mysterious petroglyphs, ruins of abandoned salmon canneries and mines. Early explorers such as Captain George Vancouver and Juan Perez left their mark there. Many of the places that we see have been named by these early explorers. However, most of the areas that we visit are little touched by man and consist of pristine wilderness.

Find out more about history of the exploration of Southeast Alaska.

Karta River Petroglyph

Native Tlingit Petroglyph and Totem
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